Chicken Eggs | Processed Whole Frozen Chicken | Processed Chicken Feet:

Chicken Eggs:
We export both White Chicken Eggs and Brown Organic Eggs.

Our average export weight on each type:
            1. Super Jumbo (weight 72 grams - Up/egg)
            2. Jumbo (weight 66 - 72 grams/egg)
            3. Extra Large (weight 59 - 66 grams/egg)
            4. Large (weight 51 - 59 grams/egg)
            5. Medium (weight 43 - 51 grams/egg)

            Packaging is done in 30 Dozen per Box or at the Buyer's request if you have a preferable way.
            We will pack the eggs in trays of 30 Eggs each, then pack 12 trays in each box, so 360 eggs per box.
            A 40 foot reefer container will take 1312 boxes, a total of 472,320 white shell chicken fresh eggs, no more
            than 5 days old from the laying date.

Processed Whole Frozen Halal Chicken:
Available grade: Grade "A".

            White skin
            No broken bones
            Outer yellow skin off
            Well cleaned and fresh
            No bruises
            No black pads or ammonia burns
            No bad smells
            No excessive blood or blood stains
            Moisture content is less than 3%
            Weight per piece is 950-1200 grams
            No heads, no feet, no gizzards, no feathers
            10-12 pieces per polly bag.

Frozen Temperature
            Blasted at: minus 40°C
            Storage at: minus 20°C
            Temperature during Transportation: minus 18°C

            2 Polly bags of 10kg each = 20kg per carton.
            We can also provide customized packing as required by buyer.

Processed Chicken Feet:
Our specification of chicken feet products we have are as follows:
Size at 45 gram & Up (Average weight per piece of chicken feet)

Processed Specifications
            Chicken Feet Processed/ Grade A
            Without Yellow Skin nail
            Washed and Clean
            No Feathers
            No Bad smell
            No Blood
            No Bruise
            Broken Bone (1-2 %)

Unprocessed Specification
            Chicken feet unprocessed/ Grade A
            With Yellow Skin with nails
            Washed and clean
            No feathers
            No bad Smell
            No blood
            No bruise
            Broken bone (1-2%)

Other chicken supplies:
            Processed Chicken Feet
            Unprocessed Chicken Feet
            Processed Chicken Wings
            Unprocessed Chicken Wings
            Processed Chicken paws
            Unprocessed Chicken paws
            Whole Chicken
            Chicken Breast
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Quantity: Minimum order - 40 MT per shipment
Products Origin: India, Denmark and Germany

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